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Assorted recent photos of Nairobi landscapes, sites, and destinations: (click to enlarge)

City Centre:
Kenyatta Centre View 1 Kenyatta Centre View 2 Kenyatta Centre View 3 Nairobi City Wide Shot Uhuru national park (panoramic) Old Mutual BuildingKimathi HouseHilton HotelNation BuildingNation BuildingOld Mutual BuildingColonial administration buildingNation BuildingNation CentreJubilee TowersKencom buildingDedan Kimathi statueTall building

Nairobi Skyline:
Above the trainsDowntown NairobiNairobi skyline in the early morning haze2019-1008362019-1008372019-100838Nairobi skylineNairobi skylineNairobi skylineNairobi skyline4-24-2019The Gherkin at Twighlight - 7th July 2018Nairobi Skyline - 16th September 2018In all directionsNairobi skylineThe changing skylineEvening skyNairobi
Nairobi Wildlife:
Grooming and Preening!The Beautiful Couple!WallowNairobi National ParkNairobi Nat. ParkCoke's HartebeestNairobi National ParkThirsty Stripes at Noon!Singing in the Rain!Tree Climbing Queen!The Juvenile Bustard!The Gabar Goshawk!The New King!The Cutest Olive!The Spotted Beauty!Jonathan ScottShowing his photographsNAIROBI NATIONAL PARK
Nairobi Shopping:
Rain at the Market IV - 12th November 2019Agape Fashions BoutiqueBeautiful fresh carrotsFresh carrots in a sackPineapples and cakesAcross the marketRice and pulsesOff the Back of a Truck - 8th December 2019Clearing the Rainwater - 26th November 2019Pouring Buckets - 12th November 2019Rain at the Market V - 12th November 2019No Time to Fly - 19th November 2019Arrived at Greenspan MallTwo mega pizzeEnjoying themselvesSome instructions as we startSelecting stationeryCoffee and water
Nairobi Restaurants:
- Reception -Fruit SaladPallet Cafe Thigiri Ridge 1The Village Market - Nairobi, KenyaThe Village Market - Nairobi, KenyaThe Village Market - Nairobi, KenyaThe Village Market - Nairobi, KenyaThe Village Market - Nairobi, KenyaThe Village Market - Nairobi, KenyaIMG_20170603_144219IMG_20170603_1415051954 Nairobi KenyaArrived at Greenspan MallTwo mega pizzeEnjoying themselves

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Ebenezer ButcheryHotel Now Open

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Nairobi Nightlife:
Florida Night ClubFormer petrol stationLandmark on Koinange StreetObama Night ClubCasa0525200731305262007317Very Secret Tunnel in Nairobi City CenterNairobi - Reggae night IImziki- Lyon -