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Assorted recent photos of Nairobi landscapes, sites, and destinations: (click to enlarge)

City Centre:
Kenyatta Centre View 1 Kenyatta Centre View 2 Kenyatta Centre View 3 Nairobi City Wide Shot Uhuru national park (panoramic) Old Mutual BuildingKimathi HouseHilton HotelTrouble over NairobiNation CentreJubilee TowersKencom buildingDedan Kimathi statueTall buildingAnother interesting buildingNation BuildingNation BuildingOld Mutual Building

Nairobi Skyline:
2019-1008362019-1008372019-100838Above the trainsNairobi skylineNairobi skylineNairobi skylineNairobi skylineNairobi skyline4-24-2019The Gherkin at Twighlight - 7th July 2018Nairobi Skyline - 16th September 2018In all directionsDowntown NairobiThe changing skylineEvening skyNairobiRhino & Skyline Nairobi
Nairobi Wildlife:
Game drive panoramagmFishing at Sunset!RoadblockThe White-eyed Babbler!The Golden Lions!Giraffe family2019-100711 Nairobi2019-1007042019-1007052019-1007022019-1007032019-1007102019-1007072019-1007062019-100708Kenya Safari Tours from NairobiRhinos
Nairobi Shopping:
Nairobi to SamburuDelivery Day - 1st March 2019Sorting the Beans - 26th March 2019Eric and his Sister - 28th December 2018Playing at the Market - 10th December 2018Travelling Fruit Seller - 13th November 2018Pull! - 20th November 2018Securing the Bananas - 13th November 2018Rain at the Market II - 20th November 2018Shelling Peas - 27th November 2018Help Me to Lift This - 20th November 2018Rain at the Market III - 20th November 2018Getting Ready for Christmas - 12th December 2018Back to NairobiWorld Cup - 22nd June 2018Window Shopping - 3rd June 2018Nice design of a mallAmazing mall design
Nairobi Restaurants:
Rocket - 23rd September 2018Mixed saladThe Village Market - Nairobi, KenyaThe Village Market - Nairobi, KenyaThe Village Market - Nairobi, KenyaThe Village Market - Nairobi, KenyaThe Village Market - Nairobi, KenyaThe Village Market - Nairobi, KenyaThe Village Market - Nairobi, KenyaIMG_20170603_144219IMG_20170603_1415052019 08 21 - 0668 - NairobiReady to eatMouth wateringPizza with James

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Ebenezer ButcheryHotel Now Open

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Nairobi Nightlife:
Florida Night ClubFormer petrol stationLandmark on Koinange StreetObama Night ClubCasa0525200731305262007317Very Secret Tunnel in Nairobi City CenterNairobi - Reggae night INairobi - Reggae night IIAmerican rapper Desiigner gets robbed and undressed during Nairobi concert (Video)Nasty C: How Nasty C's concert in Nairobi went down (Photos)