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Assorted recent photos of Nairobi landscapes, sites, and destinations: (click to enlarge)

City Centre:
Kenyatta Centre View 1 Kenyatta Centre View 2 Kenyatta Centre View 3 Nairobi City Wide Shot Uhuru national park (panoramic) Kimathi HouseHilton HotelAnother interesting buildingColonial administration buildingNation CentreOld Mutual BuildingJubilee TowersKencom buildingDedan Kimathi statueTall buildingTrouble over NairobiNation BuildingNation Building

Nairobi Skyline:
Nairobi skylineNairobiNairobi skyline panorama2019-1008362019-1008372019-100838Above the trainsNairobi Rooftops - 5th Jan 2020Nairobi skyline in the early morning hazeNairobi skylineNairobi skylineNairobi skylineNairobi skyline4-24-2019The Gherkin at Twighlight - 7th July 2018Nairobi Skyline - 16th September 2018In all directionsNairobi skyline
Nairobi Wildlife:
Fishing on Lake Naivasha outside NairobiThe Sunrise Lark!Happy Valentine's Day! Here's to Finding Your Perfect Match! - 9642b+Johari Thirsty at Sunrise!End of the day, Masai Mara, Kenya, AfricaMasai Mara, Kenya2017May05_0524.jpg2017May05_0530.jpg2017Jul12_0722.jpg2013Jun01_0058.jpg2013Jun01_0043.jpg2013Jun01_0054.jpgThe Colourful Couple!The Grey Lifer!African Paradise Flycatcher (Terpsiphone viridis)African Green Pigeon (Treron calvus)Red-Cheeked Cordon-Bleu  (Uraeginthus bengalus)Ostrich, Kenya
Nairobi Shopping:
kenya- near NairobiClothes Market - 12th Oct 2015Round and round the Table - 12th Feb 2020Rain at the Market IV - 12th November 2019Preaching at the Market - 18th Feb 2020Off the Back of a Truck - 8th December 2019Clearing the Rainwater - 26th November 2019Pouring Buckets - 12th November 2019Rain at the Market V - 12th November 2019No Time to Fly - 19th November 2019Plugging the Hole - 1st October 2019Past the market stallsVillageTwo mega pizzeEnjoying themselvesSome instructions as we startSelecting stationeryEnjoying the meal
Nairobi Restaurants:
- Reception -Little saladPallet Cafe Thigiri Ridge 1The Village Market - Nairobi, KenyaThe Village Market - Nairobi, KenyaThe Village Market - Nairobi, KenyaThe Village Market - Nairobi, KenyaThe Village Market - Nairobi, KenyaThe Village Market - Nairobi, KenyaTrattoria RestaurantIMG_20170603_1442192019 08 21 - 0668 - NairobiTwo mega pizzeEnjoying themselvesSome instructions as we start

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Ebenezer ButcheryHotel Now Open

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Nairobi Nightlife:
Florida Night ClubFormer petrol stationLandmark on Koinange StreetObama Night ClubCasa0525200731305262007317Very Secret Tunnel in Nairobi City CenterNairobi - Reggae night INairobi - Reggae night IImziki- Lyon -