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Assorted recent photos of Nairobi landscapes, sites, and destinations: (click to enlarge)

City Centre:
Kenyatta Centre View 1 Kenyatta Centre View 2 Kenyatta Centre View 3 Nairobi City Wide Shot Uhuru national park (panoramic) Trouble over NairobiOld Mutual BuildingNation BuildingThe Old MutualNation BuildingCity centre buildingSame city centre buildingTimes Tower and Parliament towerOld Mutual BuildingColonial administration buildingNation BuildingWar MonumentRainbow

Nairobi Skyline:
Kenyatta Avenue through a lens and a glassThe Nairobi skylineNairobi skyDSC09873DSC09867Nairobi skyline08-331crNairobi skylineNairobi SkylineNairobi SkylineNairobi Skyline712433712432712415712413712414712416Kenia
Nairobi Wildlife:
GiraffesGiraffesBack to flickrLeopard at SunsetIMG_3741 CroppedIMG_3746 CroppedIMG_3766 CroppeIMG_3752 CroppedIMG_3726 CroppedIMG_3710 CroppedIMG_3696 CroppedIMG_3682 CroppedIMG_3760 CroppedIMG_3731 CroppedIMG_3640 CroppedIMG_3772 CroppedIMG_3656 CroppedIMG_3633 Croppe
Nairobi Shopping:
Tipu tree in the morningMarket BusinessBowlsSitting SalesmenReading SalesmanNairobi Market VINairobi Market INairobi Market VNairobi Market IVNairobi Market IINairobi Market IIID7K_4656Girls At the MallOne Month Before...One Month Before...Westgate Shopping MallMan and boy fleeing Westgate shopping mallA blue sky
Nairobi Restaurants:
Lunch has arrivedTilapia with a coconut sauceThe Venue Restaurant in Nairobi, KenyaThe Nairobi Java House at the JunctionCafe and Grocery in Kibera Slum in KenyaThe China Plate in NairobiThe China Plate in NairobiScenes from Kibera in NairobiThe Carnivore Restaurant in NairobiLouise in the TrattoriaGrilled fishkfc galleriaChaywa coffeeDeep pan pizzaLooking forward to her mealWedding LunchEbenezer ButcheryHotel Now OpenGarlic Prawns
Nairobi Nightlife:
Love in The ClubFlorida Night ClubObama Night ClubCasa05252007313Very Secret Tunnel in Nairobi City CenterNairobi - Reggae night INairobi - Reggae night II