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Assorted recent photos of Nairobi landscapes, sites, and destinations: (click to enlarge)

City Centre:
Kenyatta Centre View 1 Kenyatta Centre View 2 Kenyatta Centre View 3 Nairobi City Wide Shot Uhuru national park (panoramic) Nation CentreKimathi HouseJubilee TowersDedan Kimathi statueKencom buildingTall buildingOld Mutual BuildingTrouble over NairobiAnother interesting buildingOld Mutual BuildingNation BuildingThe Old MutualNation Building

Nairobi Skyline:
Rhino & Skyline NairobiThe changing skylineEvening skyNairobiBaby LionRoad in Nairobi National ParkLion with Nairobi SkylineImpallasLong TongueRhino with BabyCrested CraneElen-AntelopeGiraffeZebrasGiraffe CloseupGiraffeWater BuffaloAntelope with Nairobi Skyline
Nairobi Wildlife:
Buffalo & Oxpeckers!The Male Sandgrouse!The Stunning Kingfisher!The Sunbathing Hyrax!Handsome Zebra Stallion!DSC07945 RHINOThe Proud Whydah!Lappet-Faced Vulture (Torgos tracheliotos)African ElephantAfrican ElephantFrom IzmirGrant's ZebraImpalaAfrican Fish EagleServalSykes' MonkeySykes' MonkeySykes' Monkey
Nairobi Shopping:
Side streetHeat and Sweet - 21st February 2018Sorting the Beetroots - 19th December 2017Learn All About Wedding Gowns Shop From This Politician | wedding gowns shopBanana standsVarious types of onionsLots of strong red chiliesMaize peas and beansOnions and garlicAfter the Rains VI - 20th March 2018Tomatoes - 14th March 2018This One's for You - 6th March 2018Whatever you want...Exploring all the floorsFestive February -Lavington Mall - Nairobi, KenyaThe Jains were called as silent heroes of Nairobi mall attack response on 21 September 2013Fountain and lift
Nairobi Restaurants:
Plenty to choose fromTilapia with a coconut sauceThe Village Market - Nairobi, KenyaThe Village Market - Nairobi, KenyaThe Village Market - Nairobi, KenyaThe Village Market - Nairobi, KenyaThe Village Market - Nairobi, KenyaThe Village Market - Nairobi, KenyaThe Village Market - Nairobi, KenyaIMG_20170603_144219IMG_20170603_1415051954 Nairobi KenyaPizza InnPizza deliveryPizza with James

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Nairobi Nightlife:
Florida Night ClubFormer petrol stationLandmark on Koinange StreetObama Night ClubCasa0525200731305262007317Very Secret Tunnel in Nairobi City CenterNairobi - Reggae night INairobi - Reggae night IINasty C: How Nasty C's concert in Nairobi went down (Photos)- Lyon -