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Nyama Choma Ranch

Cuisine Type:

African, Kenyan


The Nyama Choma Ranch is located inside the Safari Park Hotel & Casino and serves dinner daily. The restaurant is known for its Kenyan cuisine and live nighttime musical performances. It specializes in nyama choma (Swahili for “roasted meat”), for a variety of meats, including chicken, Kenyan steak, and roast mutton — all of which are served on skewers and carved at your table. Other available options include salads and dips. The restaurant is open to the night air and includes a bar that overlooks the main BBQ area. The Nyama Choma Ranch also features a cabaret stage with nightly (9:00-9:45 pm), live performances by the Safari Cats, a team of professionally trained dancers whose acts include dramatic costumes and acrobatics.


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Central Pavillion (located between the Café Kigwa and the Paradise Casino)
Safari Park Hotel & Casino
Thika Road
P.O. Box 42381
Nairobi, 00200 Kenya

Contact Information:

Telephone: (254) 20 363 3137 / (254) 20 363 3220 / (254) 20 363 3000

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